additional scholarly


Written at graduate level

APA formatting

5 page minimum in addition to title and reference pages

at least 4 additional scholarly references

Read the following article:

LE Brown and M Greenwood, Periodization Essentials and Innovations in Resistance Training Protocols, Strength & Conditioning Journal, 2005, Vol. 27 Issue 4, p80

Once you have read this article, answer the following questions:
1. What is the premise of this article in two to three statements? Relate this to assessment, cycles, and fractal periodization versus linear. 25 points
2. Does this article change the way that you think about periodization training? 12.5 points.
3. Why or why not? Be specific as to why or why not. 12.5 points
4. How will you use the material in this article do help you design your strength training program? 50 points
*Item #4 should include fractal periodization and all specific variables as frequency, volume, intensity, and duration of each training cycle. The ability to address each element will be evaluated at 10 points/element.

total no less than five pages in length with an additional title and reference page.