behavioral risk factors

Now that you have examined inherent and behavioral risk factors, it is time to consider how to persuade individuals in populations to participate in the all-important screening and diagnostic testing to detect cancer, as well as to seek treatment if they are, in fact, diagnosed with cancer. To this end, for this Assignment, you will be creating an influential communications tool related to preventing skin cancer.

To Prepare:

  • Identify and review articles on skin cancer causes and prevention strategies.
  • Consider these articles and their findings from the perspective of communication strategies to encourage screening and diagnostic testing for skin cancer.
  • Identify an evidence-based practice related to preventing and managing skin cancer.
  • Consider state, local, or other policy or regulations related to prevention of cancer, and how these regulations might affect the role of a health promotion director.


Imagine that you are the Health Promotion Director for a local hospital. You have developed a new program for skin cancer screening. You want to spread the word about the program and encourage people in your community to participate in your screening program. You are tasked with developing a fact sheet regarding your screening program.

The Assignment:

For this Assignment, you will develop a 1-page Fact Sheet that will:

  • Describe your skin cancer screening and prevention program
  • Identify the target audience for your skin cancer screening and prevention program
  • Provide statistics on the prevalence and incidence of skin cancer in your community
  • Describe any cost to the patient in participating in your skin cancer screening and prevention program
  • Detail payment options if there is a fee for participating in your skin cancer screening and prevention program

Make sure to follow the American Psychological Association (APA) Style and Walden guidelines before submitting your Assignment