Bombardier DHC-8-400

I AM PLANNING TO DUE A Course case study on Flight Bombardier DHC-8-400, N200WQ, operating as Continental Connection flight 3407, which crashed on February 12, 2009 just outside of Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, Buffalo, New York.The NTSB Final report number is NTSB/AAR-10/01, PB2010-910401.

The aircraft was on an instrument approach landing to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, Buffalo, New York, which required the crew to be tentative to instruments and the surroundings of the flight. The aircraft had 2 pilots, 2 flight attendants, and 45 passengers aboard the airplane which were killed, one person on the ground was also killed, and the airplane was destroyed by the impact forces followed by a post-crash fire. This aircraft accident is a great example of how interactions of humans and machines are effected by Physiology and Psychology Factors, limitations of the human abilities, the outcome of human error, followed by the lessons learned and implemented to prevent future problems.


Requirements: Employ a preponderance of the information to be covered in this course (as appropriate) to analyze, evaluate, and create a solution(s) to a major historical aviation accident.


Both options must meet the following:

  • Be 8 to 10 pages in length, double-spaced (body only, not including other pages).
  • Written in the current APA style format.