brochure beneficial

APA format, 4 pages not including the title page and the refence page. Critique the brochure. Include a full one- to two-page critique that answers all of the following questions.This are the question that need to be cover on the paper, I attached the pamphet and the publication info and the grading and instructions.

  1. What was done well, and what could have been improved in the brochure?
  2. Why did this topic interest you?
  3. Was the information provided in the brochure beneficial? Could you incorporate it in your patient education?
  4. Was the information presented clearly?
  5. Did current nursing or healthcare related research support the information presented in the brochure?
  6. What population or individuals does this article apply to (i.e., who will benefit the most from this brochure)? Who else can use this information?
  7. Will this information increase patient safety? Defend your answer.