Building Multisectoral Partnerships

  • Review the Resources from Week 2 and Week 4.
  • Review the article “Building Multisectoral Partnerships for Population Health and Health Equity” (Fawcett, 2010), found in the resources.
  • Download and review the interview guide and assessment template.
  • Interview your selected healthcare professional about their roles and responsibilities and their experiences with multisectoral partnerships for population health, focusing on the recommendations for strengthening population health partnerships as presented in Fawcett (2010).

Part 1: Interview Notes

  • Use the interview questions document you submitted in Week 2 to capture your notes from the interview.

Part 2: Assessment Template

  • Complete the Assessment Template that assesses the strengths of the partnership experience shared in the interview by addressing each of the seven key areas of strong population health partnerships.

Part 3: Interview Summary Paper

Write a 1- to 2-page paper that summarizes the following:

  • Description of the roles and responsibilities of the healthcare professional you interviewed
  • Description of the partnership(s) or collaborative experience of focus for the interview
  • Explanation of challenges experienced by the healthcare professional you interviewed
  • Explanation of how this partnership promotes population health efforts
  • Any additional insights gained from the interview related to your understanding of partnerships for population health

Be specific and provide examples.