causes of depression

For this assignment, you will analyze two scholarly research articles concerning the causes of depression. To help you with your position and arguments for the Unit 5 debate discussion and Unit 6 paper on the causes of depression, select two articles that relate to the side you will take in the debate. (My side of the debate is the Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective: The cognitive-behavioral perspective suggests that depression is directly influenced by faulty thinking such as low self-esteem, a negative outlook on the world and the future, and learned helplessness (that is, a perceived lack of control which leads to “giving up”) as well as influences based on ones gender, race, socioeconomic status, levels of social support, and stress or other environmental events (for example, divorce). Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the prescribed treatment for depression based on this perspective and many studies have demonstrated this line of treatment to be effective.)

The worksheet is similar to the article analysis you completed in Unit 2. In addition to the elements of purpose, point of view, assumptions, arguments, and evidence, for this worksheet, you will provide APA references and consider the inferences, conclusions, and implications of the findings from the research.

You may select one article from the debate resources in this unit’s studies. You will choose the second article from the Capella library. If you do not find an article that you would like to use in the debate resources list, you may choose two from the Capella library:

  • After selecting and reading your articles, complete the Causes of Depression Issue Analysis Worksheet (attached).
  • Submit your worksheet to Turnitin under the Unit 4 assignment link.
  • Finally, submit your worksheet to your instructor for grading.