conflict unavoidable


Not only is conflict unavoidable in life, we also from time to time run into people that are difficult to work with. This assignment provides students the opportunity to develop skills that will assist them in dealing with difficult people.


Each of us has different strengths which help us solve conflicts, achieve at work, and even successfully deal with difficult people. The purpose of this assignment is to explore different strategies focused on dealing with difficult people and determine which ones most align with our StrengthsQuest signature themes.

For this assignment, use the following scenario:

You have been assigned to work on a project with a difficult student. This person is opinionated, pushy, and a poor listener. You just received an email from this person criticizing a workflow chart you created which outlines each person’s responsibilities for a group project. This student says he/she will not follow that timeline as it does not fairly divide the work.

From the following article,, choose TWO strategies that will help you get through the situation. For each strategy, explain how your StrengthsQuest signature themes help you utilize the strategy. A rubric is provided to assist you with this assignment as well as an example below.

To submit your assignment:

  • Please follow your instructor’s procedures for submitting completed work.


Example: I would shift from being reactive to being proactive. One of my signature strengths is Woo and I feel that reaching out and pulling this person into my circle could be an effective way to build rapport and change his attitude rather than just sitting back and letting the situation get worse.

Now it’s your turn…

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