Poster Presentation

Students this project will allow you to formulate and hypothetically develop your own research project. The purpose of this project is for the student to follow all of the different steps in a research project on an already published article and presented as a poster presentation.

A poster session or poster presentation is the presentation of research information by an individual or representatives of research teams at a congress or conference with an academic or professional focus. The work is usually peer reviewed. Poster sessions are particularly prominent at scientific conferences such as medical congresses.


Students will select a nursing research already published and following the article information you will create a poster presentation that include the below information:

The outline of the poster should include the following tabs (minimum requirements)

· Abstract Outline:

· -Title of Project

· -Problem Statement: what is the problem that needs fixing?

· -Purpose of the Project

· -Research Question(s)

· -Hypothesis

· -Methodology (Qualitative vs. Quantitative)

o -Steps in implementing your project

· -Limitations

· Results (Pretend results)

· -Conclusion

· -References