Encyclopedia Britannica

these two is my topic but you need to do only one

A media: **Television is harmful to children.

A technology: *Technology is making people less creative

Required: 2+ articles from SIRS, Encyclopedia Britannica, Newspaper Source and eLibrary databases.Student may include a www.whatever.com from a LOCAL business or charity (providing names, addresses, phone numbers, and times and days of operation ONLY) website trying to solve your problem. Also, student needs a visual (a photo, bar chart or pie chart from SIRS or eLibrary) with an MLA citation. (NO Google photos.) SIRS has amazing charts and graphs. Place it in the Outline wherever you feel it is appropriate. (For example, if you find a graph that matches your opening statistic, paste the chart there somewhere within the written part of your opener.) Do NOT create a PowerPoint for this assignment. Alphabetical Works Cited page required with ALPHABETICAL MLA citations just like before. Attached are screen captures showing you here to find the MLA citations in the required databases. Outline must use the Motivated Sequence of Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, and Call of Action.Persuasive speech example: http://www.hawaii.edu/mauispeech/pdf/mspsamplerak.pdf