Evaluating an Extended Argument Essay Outline


Complete each portion of the outline in complete paragraphs of at least 150 wordsor more. Please use complete sentences and reference page numbers/and/or paragraphs numbers in each response, so I can reference your notes.

-Introduction: Your thesis statement: Identify whether you believe the essay you are critiquing is effective or ineffective (or both) and offer some main reasons why you believe this.

-Body of the Essay: Section One The thesis of the argument/essay you are evaluating.

-Body of the Essay: Section Two Who is the intended audience? Who is the ideal audience? What does the writer hope the

audience will do?

-Body of the Essay : Section Three What common values/concerns does the author include would be shared with the ideal audience (common ground)? *Identify and trace the author’s tone about the events and people in the essay. Show the shifting of tone by identifying each.

-Body of the Essay: Section Four *Discuss the author’s use of pathos,emotional appeals and ethos, appeals to authority (credibility). Be sure to comment on his/her word choices.

*Does the writer use euphemisms? What is their intended affect on the essay’s readers?

*Evaluate the writer’s logic. Do you notice any logical fallacies in the arguments?