Family Emergency preparedness plan

I have capstone project, and my topic will be “Family Emergency preparedness plan for first responders in Saudi Red Crescent”

I need someone to fill the form for Capstone planning tool and this need to be in details.(The form will be attached)

1-Briefly describe the topic and why you are considering this for your capstone project:Include an introduction, statement of need and purpose and description of the project.

I considerer this for my capstone because from my experience working in Saudi Red Crescent, most of the first responders don’t have personal emergency plan for them and their family. And, I think it’s very critical as first responder to have an emergency plan since they are first people will respond to disaster and they will leave their family behind them. If they don’t have an emergency plan, they will be worried about their family and that will affect their respond and focus.

2- What will be the product you produce as part of your final work? Describe or bullet list but be specific.(educational program, handbook, EOP, new technology, etc.) This deliverable must be clearly stated. Specifics are needed on what the project will do and how you will do it.Detail your methods.

** I will attach the Capstone planning tool that need to be filled. I also will attach a document that may will give you an idea about this.

You need to support this from the literature.