financing by funding for the nation


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The federal government role is to provide financing by funding for the nation, which can aide in research for finding cure, providing leadership and technical assistance. The government is also responsible for policy making by creating the national standards and the national framework for public health by providing the standards and guideline. Their role is to provide public health protection by assuring appropriate data, monitoring and surveillance system, along with ensuring equity across the state. Additionally, engaging in research about U.S health and healthcare delivery systems and epidemiological studies by conducting the research then distributing the results. Also, developing priorities for the nation, along with the capacity building for the population health (American Public Health Association,1995) (Hyde, 2012, p.S30)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects the public health by regulating the products consumer’s uses to prevent harm to the public safety. The FDA ensures the safety of food, drugs, medical devices, radiation-emitting products, vaccine, blood, and biologics, animal and veterinary, cosmetic and tobacco products. An example would be a medical device for example a mechanical heart valves. A mechanical heart valves is a device that mimic and functions like a natural and healthy heart, along with permitting blood flow through the heart. Due to its complexity, it is categorized as a class III highest-risked device, because it is an invasive device that needs to be surgically placed inside the body. in order for this device to be FDA approved, the manufacturer will have to demonstrate its competency and provide valid scientific evidence that the device is safe and effective for its intended use (Food and Drug Administration, 2017) (Institute of Medicine, 2002).

The FDA operates on a national level that governs all the states, where they have to ensure the safety of an abundant of materials and products on a large scale. Whereas, the local health department operates on a lower scale by dealing with issues based on regions, such as dealing with environmental health issues like water pollution. The state operates on a medium level scale, they aide the local department, but they are also responsible for ensuring the safety, for example, controlling infectious disease and providing information for prevention. However, there are cases where the state health department and the FDA are able to collaborate and this is called the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), this act strengthens the public safety of food management. This act also enhances collaboration with state, local and FDA, therefore, improving prevention of illness on a large scale (Food and Drug Administration, 2018).


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