Analysis, interpretation and communication are all fundamental skills for success, whether in school, the workplace—or in a museum. College for America has decided to open an art museum—a virtual one, of course! Like every museum, this one needs exhibits. The director of the museum has asked you to create a new exhibit on the changing portrayal of the human body throughout history. You will need to select six artworks to include in the exhibit, familiarize yourself with their main characteristics and name the exhibit. You will then create a slideshow presentation, including audio, to help guide museum visitors through your exhibit while introducing them to fundamental concepts of art creation and criticism.


To create your presentation:

  1. Learn about the Cornell Note-Taking System. You will use the Cornell Note-Taking Worksheet in Project Resources to take notes on various art terms, as well as the artworks you are considering for the exhibit.
    • If you prefer, you can handwrite your notes and type them after.
  2. Familiarize yourself with art terminology and strategies for analyzing art by reviewing the resources.
  3. Learn about different works of art by watching the six lecture videos and reading the accompanying articles. There is a lot of information, so you will need to take thorough notes.
  4. Choose two of the artworks to compare. Prepare speaker notes based on the notes you took while listening, then record your presentation using presentation software. See the Presentation Requirements resource for more information. You do not need to submit a file of the speaker notes.


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