Gratification Theory

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Story/Current Event: Wikipedia Isn’t Officially a Social Network. But the Harassment Can Get Ugly. – The New York Times

Communication Theory: Uses and Gratification Theory

This assignment is for an OUTLINE for a Research Paper. INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUTLINE & ARTICLE ARE ATTACHED.

For this assignment, you need develop a complete outline of your research paper.The more detailed you can be with your outline, the more helpful it will be to you as you write your paper drafts.

  1. Identify, review, and apply a specific communication theory(Uses and Gratification Theory)to the people, events, or issues that are involved in the Story/Current Event.
  2. Describe how at least two empirical studies about that theory relate to your discussion. Choose at least two empirical research articles that use the same theory.Both studies must use the one theory you’re going to apply in your paper. These two sources must be empirical studies published in scholarly journals.

Uses and Gratification Theory

The theory of Uses and Gratification states that people are active in choosing and using particular media outlets in order to satisfy their needs. This theory can be seen throughout the article. For example, the article specifically touched on how users use their wikipedia comments and posts to relentlessly harass people and other users. In this particular case, the theory and the users’ action align because the users choose to use their wikipedia accounts to state their opinion and harass people anonymously for their own gratification. Instances where users stated their opinions and harassed “gay” people but wanted their identity to remain anonymous relates to the Uses and Gratification theory