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In your initial post, please address the following:

  • What is your one best question on this week’s topic, OSH and the Entertainment Industry?
  • Do you think that football should be regulated? Please explain.
  • Do you think that collegiate athletes should be employees and protected under labor laws?
  • Did “League of Denial” change your perspective on football? If so, how?

Health and Safety in the Entertainment Industry

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Givan, R. (9/3/2013). Is the fashion industry at a social crossroads? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Washington Post.
(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


PBS FRONTLINE. (10/8/2013) League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (113:41)

Yes, the video really is 113 minutes long! Despite the length, most students find it interesting and eye-opening. As you watch the documentary keep in mind how the strategy of creating doubt about the science of CTE research was used to avoid responsibility for injuries and regulatory oversight. We will be examining this strategy more closely when OSH and the environment is the topic of study in Week 11.

1.After watching the required video it was very mind opening to see the studies that are taking place and how many athletes have been discovered to have CTE. Being someone who is a full time student athlete, a wrestler, who trains multiple times a day with a very rigorous workout routine, it isn’t uncommon to see head injuries. Muhammad Ali is a perfect example of an all time great who was a champion, but suffered his later years in life do to parkinson’s disease which was caused by brain trauma, do to too many punches to the head. I think there does need to be some more regulations and perhaps rule changes to help avoid these serious injuries as it still is a sport and game, mostly talking about football, but boxing and mma needs to have more regards and ruling to save athletes from further damage. Even though they are making millions for a lifestyle for themselves and their families, they worked and EARNED that platform to perform and compete on. The world gets to watch for their entertainment, while the players entertain with the physical game they are playing in. Billions of dollars of revenue is being circulated do to the players. Organizations, owners, businessmen, sponsors, merchandise apparel, and many other outlets are making money and boosting their reputation off the individual athletes and teams. Without these individual athletes and teams, these organizations wont make money, and without all this money being circulated due to the athletes, their may be no more of your favorite organization or team.

Being a college scholarship athlete, I am provided with healthcare through the University. I am obligated to a certain GPA and academic standard in a full academic Div 1 curriculum. If I don’t keep up with the NCAA GPA minimum, I simply cannot compete in my chosen sport, which is wrestling. I also am required to succeed in my sport that my scholarship is dependent on. I train a mandatory (through NCAA regulation) 5 days a week 2x a day, with a required 1 off day per week, with a required 6 hour study hall per week on top of all that. These hours must ALL be under the NCAA 20 Hour Rule… which states no work and competition time can pass 20 hours in a week! This excludes travel across the country, to compete, all while achieving academic success. Wrestling is a sport where there is no professional league, that requires any salary or benefits… Like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL indeed do. Under the Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), federal minimum wage is required, along with overtime pay. I believe a minimum wage should absolutely be required to the athletes. Rutgers has an overall earning of 1.3 billion dollars as of 2018, if you divide those numbers by the 22 sports teams overall at Rutgers by a 30 man roster for each sport (for both genders combine), minimum wage is nickels and dimes to that 1.3 billion USD of earnings that the University makes. As an athlete I have to sign to amateurism. Being interested in the entertainment industry, in a perfect world if I was offered a sponsorship or an endorsement of any sort, such as fitness supplements, modeling opportunities, payed gigs of any sort, I can not accept and be compensated for those opportunities. I cant make a cent off any of those opportunities, because I am under the rules of the NCAA. Also, my face and name has been on Route 18 and off several major highways on billboards around the state. Although its great to get some attention that I worked hard for, I have to accept the fact that I am being used as a marketing tool, to earn money for the athletic department and RUTGERS University. I am not the only athlete that the University uses the face and name of to help build there brand and reputation. I’m all for marketing and sales, but as a human being I have to ask myself what do I get in return? Some would say an education… Thats cool, not all athletes are on scholarship, in fact… According to: CBS NEWS, “The odds of winning a NCAA sports scholarship are miniscule. Only about 2 percent of high school athletes win sports scholarships every year at NCAA colleges and universities. Yes, the odds are that dismal. For those who do snag one, the average scholarship is less than $11,000.” SO, as you can see the scholarships we are talking are extremely minimal. I think everyone should check the link out. NCAA athletes are indeed servants and workers to the organization. Just like how a person receiving minimum wage at Starbucks is a servant and worker under the establishment of the “Starbucks” corporation. The student athlete with many mandatory duties and work requirements, is a worker under the establishment of there NCAA institution.

I indeed think college athletes should be receiving some sort of protection under the “FLSA”. The Federal Labor Standards Act of the United States.

O’Shaughnessy, Lynn. “8 Things You Should Know about Sports Scholarships.” CBS News, CBS Interactive, 20 Sept. 2012, www.cbsnews.com/news/8-things-you-should-know-about-sports-scholarships/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

2.After watching the documentary my perspective of football was not changed since I was aware of the dangers of playing such a sport. However the studies done on the players and the information found was very intriguing. Even though I knew that playing football can cause serious injury both physically and mentally, how the NFL dealt with the finding about CTE and how they handled the allegations about the dangers of football was new information to me. It really opened my mind about the risk involved with playing any sport not just football. Regulation of football is something that is very hard to do because the players are aware of the dangers involved and the reward of playing the game at the top level can be seen as the compensation for that risk. One way to reduce that risk is by making the equipment the safest it can be for the player so the continuous blows to the head are not as severe for the player. The ruling on youth playing football should be regulated more in my opinion because of how the sports can affect their brain from a young age.

I believe that collegiate athletes should be considered employees and be protected under labor laws because even though some students athletes are on scholarships and are able to attend college for free or less than regular students others who are not on a scholarship still have to be able to pay for college while being on an athletes schedule. The demand of school and sport can be very stressful for student athletes. Being able to help athletes by considering them as employees and paying them a salary can take the stress off of students who are not on scholarship or those who are struggling financially. By protecting student athletes under labor laws there can be more regulation of athletic programs so there is no mistreatment of athletes. It also allows for students to be willing to report incidents if they are protected by labor laws instead of being fearful of retaliation.

My question for this week is: Should professional sports organizations be required to contribute a certain amount of earnings for research on mental and physical injuries caused by their respective sports?

3.Seeing as how I grew up attending my brothers various football games, I was very much accustomed to the various injuries that can happen because of the game but I was still extremely surprised to learn about CTE and the dangers behind it. People might assume and argue that actors, models, football players or people in the entertainment industry in general are assuming the risk that comes along with their jobs but that excuse is negligent because that same excuse could be used for any other career/workplace and as we discussed in previous discussions; the risk doesn’t change the fact that every worker deserves a work environment that is safe and conducive. I absolutely do believe that football should be regulated, there have been more than enough injuries that have taken place for people to recognize the dangers of the sport. I also do believe that the entertainment world is more intricate and that it will probably take longer to go against what is already their “norm” and what is already set in place but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. When looking at these players, some people view them as an object and money signs and not actual people so their safety isn’t really taken into account. “Our society has, however, researched other harms, such as tobacco use, alcohol-related driving, and obesity-related unhealthy diets and exercise, and successfully changed social norms,” this quote pulled from ABC News talks about how we as a society are able to tackle other things that we see as harmful but we have yet to successfully handle the dangers of football.

Collegiate athletes should absolutely be compensated in some form and absolutely be protected under labor laws, being that colleges make millions of dollars off of their athletes I definitely do think that they should be compensated. These collegiate athletes have to sustain injuries, travel distances for games, attend practices, all while being a full-time student; so they should be properly compensated at least minimum wage. I attached a link right below from ESPN that go into the details of college’s revenues and expenses that shows colleges have more than enough income to provide a salary to their athletes.

http://www.espn.com/college-sports/revenue (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

I don’t think that “League of Denial” necessarily changed my perspective, it just shocked me how extremely careless the NFL was to their players. The efforts they went through to cover up the crucial information they held just proves they don’t really care. A quote by Dr. Bennet Omalu that really stood out to me was, “I wish I never met Mike Webster. CTE has dragged me into the politics of science, the politics of the NFL. You can’t go against the NFL. They’ll squash you. I really, sincerely wished it didn’t cross my path of life, seriously,” his quote reminded me of when we went over power and politics; the NFL holds so much power so going against them would be a dangerous task.

If I could ask a question based on this week’s topic on OSH and the Entertainment Industry would be, should there be proper training and knowledge be given by the OSHA and not the league to athlete’s that demonstrate the dangers and risk they might face? Since there is too much assumption that they already know what they are signing up for, I think a plan should be in place for athletes so they are properly informed.