Assignment Content

  1. In this course, you are required to design a floor plan for a health care facility. This will include designing the layout of rooms within the facility as well as adding environmental, regulatory, and IT elements within the rooms you design.
    Review the Facility Planning Guide to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the project. Research software programs you can use to create a floor plan, and choose one. Be certain your choice can output a standard graphic file format, such as .jpg or .png. Screen shots are certainly acceptable, as long as the facilitator can see them. Be certain that any free trial period will last for at least five weeks. SmartDraw and LucidChart have short free trial periods. Students have had good results with Roomsketcher,, and even Excel. If you choose Excel, look for YouTube “how to” videos. Hand-drawn plans incur a 30% penalty.
    Write a brief explanation as to why you chose the program and why it is the best choice for this assignment. Include details on how the faculty member will be able to access your project.