Topic: Health Information Governance

Describe the current state of the law as it relates to your topic, or the expected state of the law if you are researching pending laws or regulations.You should not ARGUE your personal position on your topic in the body of the research paper. You can state your opinion in the conclusion, however. Do not forget that a good descriptive essay must discuss the complete range of different points of view on your topic.A great essay will turn those ideas opposite of your stance in your favor when you reach your final conclusion. DO NOT prepare 3 pages state “what” your topic is. For example, proposed regulatory changes to HIPPAA, you should not spend three pages explaining what HIPPAA is or what it does.You can introduce this in one or (at most) two paragraphs.Introduce your readers to your topic and proceed to deliver your understanding of the current status of the law on your topic. Also, your topic should be broad enough that you can find sources, but should be narrow enough that you are not condensing information that is available in an existing article.

1. Length – NO LESS THAN 4 PAGES (not including title page and reference page).

2. Format – Your ENTIRE paper, including bibliography and title page should be in APA 6th Edition format.

3. Research – Your paper must reference at LEAST 5 different sources, including at least 1 internet site and 2 professional journal articles. All references must be as current as possible.

a. When using the Internet for research, use RELIABLE websites! Make sure your website has an extension like .edu, .org, or .gov.

b. Journal articles can be found using any academic database such as the one offered at any higher learning institutions. Articles should be from academic journals or law reviews.

4. The paper should demonstrate one’s ability to communicate effectively in written form; specifically, vocabulary appropriate to the topic, tone, clarity of expression, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You should be mindful of other rules that apply to writing a professional paper, including; not speaking in the first person (I, me, etc.) and not using contractions (can’t, won’t, shouldn’t). Do not include personal stories or opinions in the body of this paper. Save that for your conclusion, if used at all.

5. Create, write, edit, and format paper correctly. DO NOT copy the majority of your paper from other sources like the Internet or a book – it is plagiarism! Therefore, you MUST write this paper in your OWN words and insert quotations, paraphrases, etc. from your research where appropriate to your topic of discussion as it relates to backing up your argument. However, when and as often as possible, you should take the information you get from your research and “paraphrase” it, or put it in your own words