incorporating wellness activities

please answer these questions:

  1. In one to two paragraphs, describe some factors that contribute to a safe and healthful school environment?
  2. In one to two paragraphs, discuss a strategy for incorporating wellness activities, or creating a positive mental and emotional climate at your school site. You may include health promotion programs for faculty, staff, or students.
  3. In one to two paragraphs, describe a teaching strategy you would use to infuse family and social health into a curriculum area other than health. Pick a topic from Chapter 6: Family Relationships, Friendships, Sexual relationships/Abstinence, Marriage, or Parenthood. Pick a topic that is age related to your students, or the students you wish to teach.
  4. In one to two paragraphs discuss one curriculum area other than health, that you could integrate the subject of growth and development. Be specific, don’t just say, “I can integrate growth and development into biology.” Pick a specific topic and describe how you could integrate it into your lesson.