instructors expectations

This question/project would be making CHANGES to an already COMPLETED/DONE paper to meet instructors expectations/suggestions:

Hello Jesus,

You have done a very nice job. I do have a few suggestions with my first being to keep it simple. You are not doing a mixed method study. You are doing a case-control where you are comparing depression/suicidal risks and area of employment. (1) Title: Critical Care Nurses Depression and Suicide Risk Compared to Telemetry and Medical-Surgical Nurses (2) Under Methodology Design: A cross-sectional case-control; Sampling Purposive will be used to select….. Instrument BDI (Include statement on reliability/validity). Analysis is ANOVA. What you are predicting is that ICU nurses are at a greater risk of depression and suicide as measured by the BDI compared to either Telemetry or Medical-Surgical nurses. You are not measuring the death rates of patients, so you cannot say that there is a relationship between death rates and depression or suicide risk, but what you can suggests is that ICU nurses work under more stressful conditions that include increased death rates of their patients which can place them at a greater risk for depression and suicide.

Under your Introduction cite the author of your statement that ICU nurses are subjected to emotional stress, especially with the death of their patients. This is significant and supports your need to evaluate the risk of depression/suicide risk. What you are trying to show is that while nurses employed in an acute care hospital are at risk for depression and suicide, ICU nurses are at a greater risk. While you listed a number of reasons for depression, none included stressful working conditions.

Best wishes,

Dr. Linda Eanes