As we have seen, healthcare and medical technology is constantly evolving. The law often struggles to keep up with the fast progression of the health field. Choose a topic such as sterilization, artificial insemination, surrogacy, organ donations, clinical trials, genetic discrimination, stem cell research, chronic disease, infectious disease, end-of life, or another growing field and a state or federal legal case based on this topic. There are good case ideas in your textbook.

Your Portfolio Project provides an opportunity to evaluate a real-world ethical dilemma from the perspective of the healthcare/hospital administrator. You will use your skills and knowledge of ethics and health law as well as role playing to create a risk management plan for prevention of future situations to present to your Senior Leadership team and the Board of Governors.

Write a 12-15 page report evaluating your chosen topic/case and providing recommendations on how your facility can avoid legal ramifications while still maintaining your mission, values, and ethical principles. Your report should address the following substantive requirements:

  • Description of the topic/case, including who it would affects and what it means for your facility.
  • Assessment of the case from the following perspectives:
    • Ethical—describe the ethical principles involved and expectations for all involved.
    • Legal—define and argue the legal implications for each party. Explain health laws involved in your topic and a major court case that relates to your topic, as applicable.
    • Regulatory compliance—examine regulatory standards and compliance involved.
  • Evaluate and recommend how your facility can abide by state and federal laws on the topic. If no laws currently exist at the state or federal level, how should your facility proceed on the topic?
    • Health reform—illustrate how this case and your role as administrator are different now due to changes in health law and expectations from health reform.
    • Recommendations—argue at least three recommendations for your facility to deal with this topic
    • Action plan for prevention—create an action plan for prevention explaining how you would implement these recommendations.

Your report should meet the following structural requirements:

  • Your report should be 13-15 pages in length (excluding cover page and references) and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.).
  • Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the assigned textbook reading and relevant research. You must include a minimum of ten (10) credible, academic or professional references beyond the text or other course materials. At least six (6) of these articles should come from external sources.
  • Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.
  • Use correct terminology pertaining to the law and ethics.
  • Utilize the following headings to organize the content in your work:
    • Assessment,
    • Recommendations, and
    • Conclusion.
  • Required Textbook:
    Pozgar, G. D. (2020). Legal and ethical issues for health professionals (5th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. ISBN-1: 9781284144185
  • **Below I attached the outline for the portfolio project please make sure to base the final project off of this outline. Use the references and incorporate more references from credible sources.**