Each student is required to identify or choose a case study and submit a report of 2000 words critically analysing the following aspects.

Your report should broadly cover the following topics:

  • Identify & explain the substances hazardous to health and the related effect of the hazardous substance reported in the site of accident according to the case study as per the COSHH regulations (2002).
  • Identify and explain the necessary requirements/provisions to be conformed according to the occupational safety and health regulations with reference to the accident case study.
  • From the case study, suggest at least five important recommendations that are appropriate and reasonable to implement and control such accidents.

Format of the report: should have the following sections

  1. Introduction
  2. COSHH regulation analysis
  3. Legal provisions
  4. Recommendations
  5. Conclusion
  6. References.


1- You are encouraged to complete and submit the work even before the deadline if possible.

3- Do not forget to reference your work properly; otherwise you will put yourself at the risk of “PLAGIARISM”

4- You are advised to use different references to complete this assignment, some of which need to be regulations.

5- The report should be submitted through turnitin folder in the UCLan blackboard.

Marking criteria

The course work will be assessed and graded on the following aspects and weightage is indicative to knowledge, critical analysis, proper sentence structuring, supporting materials, presentation of the overall piece of work.

  • Introduction- a overview of the case study
  • COSHH regulation analysis
  • Legal provisions
  • Recommendations- at least five
  • Conclusion
  • References.

Please mention a real case that happened in the past and represent the requirement. Please include a case about a real issue that happened in the past with the place and some details of it and how it reflect what you wrote. Please see the attachment that I am sending yo you again. In the attachment you can see a list of chemical accidents examples. Please pick a one or choose by your one and try to include photos if there is available. So in general the case study is about that accident or the regulations with the recommendations for it.