local implications

please Write a 3-page overview of research paper (I will send research paper later). The prospectus should incorporate research from at least 3 scholarly sources. Your prospectus must be written in expository prose (three to four substantial paragraphs is typical), and should do the following:  Include an engaging title  Introduce your topic: Specify the particular global contemporary issue you will address and suggest its local implications. Demonstrate the global context of your topic. Address the conceptual problem you observed in your research. Include at least a few of the observations that have led you to pose your question. Explicitly state the arguable question that your paper will address. Acknowledge and cite other scholars’ work on your topic and consider alternative interpretations or answers to the question (potential counterarguments).  Propose your own arguable claim (your working thesis).  Discuss the main points that you will address and the strength and credibility of the evidence and sources that you will use as you develop your position (thesis).  Comment on the significance of both your topic and your position and make some reference to your action plan. I will send the Templet of prospectus later and PLEASE!!! USE THE SIMPLE LANGUAGE!!! THANK YOU