major body systems

Useyour internet browser to research the different human body systems. You may refer to resources provided earlier this week.

Create a chart, or use the Terminology of the Body Systems worksheet, in which you:

  • Identify the major body systems in the human body.
  • List the organs found in each body system.
  • Define the basic function of each body system.
  • List two conditions or diseases that can be found in each body system.
  • Identify a body system that interacts with the body system identified.
  • Example: The circulatory system interacts with the integumentary system.
  • After you have completed your chart, write a short paragraph that answers the following questions (this paragraph may follow your chart):
  • What is one strength you have about understanding the body system?
  • What is one opportunity you would like to have with understanding the body system? For example:
  • What would you have liked to learn?
  • What do you need more practice with?
  • Which information would you like to recall more readily?

Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar resources.