In this assignment, you will create an informative and meaningful portfolio as a tool for planning an effective conference with the parents and family of the child serving as the target participant (Module 2).

In preparation for creation of the portfolio, you will review documentation you have collected about the child through the observations and work samples. You will identify the most appropriate documentation pieces for the portfolio based on recommendations made in the module and in other sources. You will select the design of the portfolio and the most effective way to present it to parents and families.

Course Objectives  Explain the purposes of observation and assessment for young children  Identify guidelines for developmentally appropriate observation and assessment for young children.  Determine the appropriateness of observation and assessment tools for a specific purpose and developmental level.  Describe the process for gathering, interpreting, and disseminating assessment data for very young children.  Discuss characteristics of family-professional partnerships that promote children’s development and learning.  Describe effective strategies to conduct observation and documentation.

Directions: 1) Save and print the Module 3 Application. 2) Part 1: The Portfolio  In a design of your choice, develop a portfolio for the child serving as the target participant. The portfolio may be electronic or paper-based.  Review the child’s assessment products and work samples, and select the pieces to include in the portfolio as documentation of the child’s progress.  Assemble the portfolio. 3) Part 2: Sharing the Portfolio  In a separate one-page Word or text document, explain how you will share the portfolio with the child’s parents and family. How will the portfolio be used to contribute to the parent and family conference? How will it enlighten parents and family to the child’s progress and potential growth areas?

Observation and Assessment

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4) Follow the directions to submit the products. If the portfolio is electronic, you may submit a link. Test the link to make sure the portfolio is accessible in Canvas.