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Use the document and essay below to write the following requirements


  • Using the “worksheet” provided, write out any medical conditions you can find out about each relative (e.g. Father:Type II Diabetes, hypertension)
  • After researching all of the relatives listed on “worksheet” list relatives’ names under medical conditions on “Health History for ___________________________”.(e.g.:Heart Disease/Defects:Mother, irregular heartbeat:maternal grandfather).
  • Conclude with a two-page, double-spaced, typed narrative summary of your family heath history.Talk about the most prominent conditions (3-4) and how you might prevent them (e.g.:“Heart disease seems to run in my family.I can take the following measures in an effort to prevent this from happening in my life.”)Do not list your family members and their medical conditions in your summary.
  • Turn in:Worksheet, “Health History for ______________” and a narrative summary.
  • Based off the essay write the paper based off the essay