medical office building

Real Case to Analyze

On August 17, 1998, a 15-year-old window washer’s helper (victim), died after falling 40 ft. from the roof of a medical office building. The helper was stationed on the roof to move a window washing carriage and assist the window washer, who worked from a boatswain’s chair as he cleaned the windows of the 4-story building. On the afternoon of the incident, the window washer seated himself in the boatswains’ chair and positioned himself over the edge of the roof’s parapet. He then “bounced” in the boatswain’s chair to make sure it was set to go. Because the carriage was not tied down and did not have counterweights attached, the carriage was pulled over the rooftop’s parapet. Both workers had their fall arrest harnesses secured to the carriage. The window washer fell straight down while the helper was pulled from the roof by the carriage and struck the ground head-first. The local emergency medical unit was summoned immediately. The window washer’s helper died from his injuries at the scene and the window washer suffered multiple severe injuries.

  1. Provide 5 recommendations for window washers
  1. Based on the above case, create a one-inspection checklist with emphasis on the following:
  • PPE
  • Walking/Working Surface
  • Stairs/Ladder
  • Tools
  • Other Health Issues