not fictitious

The task: Select an individual—a real person, not fictitious—but you’ll have to agree on a real person and a situation where this individual requires such psychological skill strengthening, and then, you will put together a program. This program will consist of all the psychological skills that we’ve reviewed, and it must be created in the three phases that are listed in your text and we have reviewed as well: Education phase, Acquisition phase, and Practice phase.

Remember: This is a comprehensive project, so please address all the psychological tools that we’ve mentioned, address them in the three phases, and remember that all assignments must include correct APA in-text citation and matching end references.

Tutor: you only have to focus on Practice Phase since this is a group project. 3-4 pages

*** I went ahead and selected Serena Williams as my athlete. She is an African American tennis superstar who has to deal with the pressure of the media, her athletic performance, sponsorship deals, and now being a mother. There is plenty of potential for PST in this situation. ***