patient in a hospita

Please help with this assignment. It should be 2 paragraphs in length. Use the following to complete:

Imagine you are visiting your aunt who is a patient in a hospital in a nearby city. While you are sitting at her bedside, you hear a lot of noise at the nurses’ station, as if they are having a party. The nurse comes in to give your aunt an intramuscular (IM) injection for pain and you notice she is not wearing gloves; that she did not look at your aunt’s armband or discuss her identity or the medicine she was giving with your aunt (who is coherent); and that she did not wash her hands before or after the injection. You step out of the room to go the vending machines and you see a doctor coming out of an isolation room without his protective equipment on. You also notice several charts laying open on the top of the desk which are visible to anyone passing by. The lunch trays are on a cart by the nurses’ station and you remember hearing the cart being rolled in at least 30 minutes ago.

Identify two key organizational factors that contribute to regulatory compliance or patient safety standards. How would you recommend reporting indiscretions in the organization above?