This is the main question: Read the prompt for 2E, and consider how you want to approach it. Compose a discovery draft that will help you articulate a working claim (the claim should appear in bold). The draft should include an introduction that raises a debatable idea and contextualizes your working main claim. 2 pages.

2E: (which is the prompt) In Unit 2, we’ve taken a closer look at the ideas of a smaller group of authors about the current factors and obstacles shaping our academic, professional, and personal lives.

Using at least one of the Unit 2 authors, make an argument discussing the concept of success in the modern world. Note that this is NOT a paper on “how to be successful”—it is an analysis of how the texts we’ve read consider the topic. It will likely help to focus on a particular aspect of success: personal, professional, and/or financial success are all viable options, as is success as it relates to a particular field, or a particular group of people. ‘Success’ can also be defined by obstacles, and you may want to consider this if it seems right for your paper.

As with Unit 1, this paper must be able to be understood even by readers who have not read the authors you discuss. It is also important to continue asking yourself how your work is making an original contribution to the ongoing academic conversation happening in the texts we read.

In addition to the Unit 2 texts, you may also draw on any Unit 1 material, as well as personal experience if applicable—but this personal experience must be yours, must take the form of specific examples, and should not overwhelm the paper’s text-based argument. You may not draw on hypothetical evidence or outside sources. Your instructor will respond to this draft during conferences, and the draft is due online and in hard copy at your conference time.

===> with that being said I only need an introduction which has a length of half a page. and the rest should only be an outline of how the essay is going to be written. the article attached should be mentioned in the intro and should be used in the outline as well. Thank you.