psychological research

Topic: DepressionSelect an article reporting the results of psychological research from a professional psychological journal that has been published within the last five (5) years. Using a standard font style and 12 point font size, respond to each item below. Copy and BOLD the items into a Word document, and distinguish your answers from the questions. Remember, I am not looking for a narrative. Just answer the questions. Please type each question just as I have it listed. Write in your own words. Do NOT copy from your journal article. Demonstrate critical thinking by giving substance to your answers.

Please double-space your whole paper.

  • Author(s) of article:
  • Title of article:
  • Journal:
  • Year:
  • Journal Volume:
  • Journal Issue:
  • Page numbers of article:
  1. What were the researchers investigating?
  2. Who or what were the participants in the study, how many were there, what were their characteristics, and where did they come from?
  3. Were these participants divided into different groups (e.g., an experimental group and control group)? If so, describe and explain how they were treated or tested differently.
  4. What observations were made or what tests were given or what data was collected?
  5. Does this study seem to fit one of the basic types of research as mentioned in module 2 (survey, naturalistic observation, correlational research, experiment)? If so, which type and why do you think so?
  6. What did the researchers find out? What conclusions did they draw?
  7. Now consider the topic of the research and the variables that were studied. Look through the index and chapters of our text. Can you relate the topic of this study to something discussed in our text? If Ciccarelli and White were going to add the study you read to our text, where might they include it? Cite the chapters/pages in our book that are most closely related.
  8. What field of psychology does it represent? (e.g., social and personality, developmental, experimental, biological, or cognitive) Review the “Research Areas” in chapter 1 to assist with your answer.

IMPORTANT: Attach the full-text journal article so that I may review it.