Psychological Well-Being

Psychological Well-Being

Older adults often do not take full advantage of mental health resources. However, psychological well-being is important for obvious quality-of-life issues and also because there can be ramifications for the physical health of a person suffering with depression, medication-induced delirium, or any number of other psychological issues.

For this discussion:

  • Summarize the two articles you located earlier in the unit and discuss the ramifications of their findings in terms of a person’s overall quality of life.
  • Support your discussion with citations from the text and the articles you located.

The are the articles I selected before::::

Article on the programmed theory of aging

According to Wilson, aging is a biological occurrence that occurs due to the preplanned development stages of a human being. It, therefore, means that aging is a fundamental characteristic of life. As a human being is born, then biology requires him to develop which is another term that that can be used to refer to aging. The article groups the programmed theory into three groups. The first one is the programmed longevity which is defined as the switching on and off of genes in a pattern like a manner. The Endocrine theory category describes aging as a hormonally controlled process. The final category which is the immunological theory describes aging as the programmed decline in immunity over time.

Article on the damage or error theory of aging

In the damage or error theory, aging is described as the process by which the cells and tissues in the body undergo wear and tear due to the prolonged use. The rate of living theory also explains the theory of aging. In this theory, the increase in the animals’ oxygen metabolism rate shortens the animals’ lifespan (Wessel & Jan, 12)

Comparison between the two articles.

The two articles provide the theories of aging that are biologically based. According to the first article, aging is defined as a fundamental biological process which is similar to the second articles explanation which describes aging as a result of two natural occurrences: the wear and tear of tissues and cells and the overtime active oxygen basal metabolism rate. The two articles were essential in providing the essential information of the biological theories that explain the aging process. They offer detailed information that are sensible enough to concur with.

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