psychosocial approach

-Paper Must Be in Proper APA Format Including Proper In-TEXT Citations and Reference Page.

– If you have any question in regards to proper APA Format use Purdue OWL.

-2-3 Pages not including the cover page and reference page

-For reference page 2-3 references one will be the class textbook.

Newman, Barbara, and Philip (2018, 2015) Development through life: A psychosocial approach (13th ed.) Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

– The Article you choose for the topic make sure it is from 2013-2018 and that it is a proper scholarly articles/ Peer Reviews. You can use google scholar to find articles.

-Make sure to have and introduction and a conclusion to start and close the paper

-Attached is the guidelines for the paper and rubric please look over carefully before you start.