please be a quick as you can a see attached file for full test

11. What is the MUC for a respirator with an APF of 10, a PEL of 50, and an IDLH of 5000?




Cannot determine without additional information

12. What is the minimum APF needed for an atmosphere containing 540 ppm of contaminant that has an exposure limit of 100 ppm?




Cannot determine without more information

13. Traditional administrative controls include all of the following except:

employee rotation.

instituting exposure-reducing work practices.

substituting less hazardous materials.

developing preventive maintenance and housekeeping programs.

training and education of employees.

14. Select the appropriate answer(s): Air-line respirators:

May have up to 300 feet of air hose

Provide air from compressors or compressed gas cylinders of Grade D air

Are sometimes called Type C respirators

May be used in IDLH atmospheres

All of the above

15. If a person has facial hair that can interfere with the seal between the respirator and the face

That person is required to shave the facial hair

That person doesn’t have to be fit tested

Only respirators equipped with loose fitting hoods or helmets are acceptable for use by that person unless the person shaves

A fit test can be performed anyway