Risk Assessment

SAFE 4560

Spring 2019

Semester Group Project

Presentation & Paper

Tentative Timeline for the Project:

Week 3 – groups assigned

Week 5 – Topic/Case selected

Week 13 –Project due & group presentations begin

Note: Group project presentation material will be included on the final exam

Project Requirements

This will be a group project. The group will be assigned a process (select CSB case or a system to analyze using one or multiple of the system-safety analysis techniques discussed). Each group is expected to identify hazards, determine the system boundaries, subdivide the system into individual components, analyze the system, identify top three (3) hazards or potential hazards, define expected causes, define the expected consequences, identify risk level (quantitatively if possible), and develop recommendations for corrective measures. Each group is expected to submit a report in the following format:

Executive Summary

Current State – Identify top three hazards

System Safety Tool Use and Description – Risk Assessment

Recommendations for Corrective Measures – Hierarchy of Controls

System Safety tools – Risk Assessment of hazards with applied Corrective Measures

Risk Reduction – explanation of reduction methods

Description of Analytical Methods Used

Work Sheets, etc. of Analysis Results (these will be figures added to the body of your report and appendices)


  • References (Use APA format)