scientific publications

Paper Details: A 5-7 page (including cover and reference pages so about 3-5 of actual writing) research paper APA style, 12 pt font double spaced. You must use and cite at least 2 sources that are from peer-reviewed articles or scientific publications, you may also use the DSM. Any websites used must be in addition to the two articles. You are to adequately cover your diagnosis including the etiology, course of the disorder, prevalence in the population, and the recommended course of treatment. You should also identify one or two other variables to focus on in your paper like how effective a specific treatment was when applied to a specific subset of the population with this disorder or other cultural factors or any other interesting thing associated with your disorder so that it does not read as just a regurgitation of someone else’s writing aka: the book. The paper will be submitted via turnitin on canvas according to the deadline associated with your topic. I will not accept it via email or print.