story young goodman brown

Complete the 2 worksheets on the short story young goodman brown.


Directions:Describe or use a quote to identify three instances in which each symbol appears in Young Goodman Brown, and write a short paragraph describing the context and significance of that appearance. Then write a longer paragraph analyzing the broader meaning of the symbol in Young Goodman Brown.


Directions:A theme is a concept or idea that an author explores in a literary work. For each theme, collect 5-6 details from Young Goodman Brown(such as specific plot points, symbols, or quotes) that the author uses to explore that theme and enter them in the Evidence section of the table.

Next, use the evidence you’ve collected to write a Theme Description that explains the role of the theme in Young Goodman Brown. Your Theme Description should be 1-2 paragraphs. Here are some questions to consider as you write each Theme Description:

  • How do the ideas or actions of the main characters reflect different aspects of the theme?
  • Does the theme develop or change over the course of Young Goodman Brown? If so, how?
  • If your evidence includes symbols, explain how the author uses those symbols to explore the theme.
  • If your evidence includes specific quotes from the text, explain how those quotes provide examples of how the theme applies to Young Goodman Brown?