Successful Interview


Here I have provided an outline of the plan. There is an appendix in your text that will provide a brief overview of the content of each section. In addition, I will provide some additional information on Blackboard during this week. I do not have any examples of previous student plans. You may search on the Web for such plans but my experience has not been very good. Otherwise, I would have included URLs for some plans you might use as examples.

Outline of the Brand You Marketing Plan

  1. Title Page with the name of the paper, your name, the class and term, your email address and phone number.
  2. Table of Contents including page numbers (Be sure to add page numbers to any paper you write.)
  3. Section 1. Market Overview and Situational Analysis
  1. Your Personal Mission
  2. Situation Analysis

Internal Environment

External Environment

Your Personal SWOT Analysis

  1. Section 2. Marketing/Career Objectives
  2. Section 3. Marketing Strategies
  1. Target Markets

Organizational Culture

Potential Jobs

Positioning Yourself

  1. Product Strategies

Core, Actual and Augmented Product

  1. Pricing Strategies
  2. Promotional Strategies


Advertising (Your Resume and Cover Letter)

  1. Place (Supply Chain) Strategies: A Successful Interview

Learning about the job and company

Preparing for Interview Questions

Prepare Your Key Selling Points

Dressing for the Interview

Follow Up on the Interview

What to Bring to the Interview

Accepting the Offer