Survey Monkey Survey results

For this assignment, you are going to submit the methods and results section of your final paper. The methods section of your paper should detail the methods the class used to collect the data presented in the results section. Your methods section should be no more than three pages long but may be much shorter. For this section, you need to provide enough detail so someone can repeat the study.

The results section should include text, figures, and tables as needed to present the results of the survey. Your results will come from your created Survey Monkey Survey results which includes figures and the original data for you to do analysis. The text should explain the “bogus” figures and tables and may present data, not in the figures and tables.

Formatting Guidelines for Methods and Results

  • Double spaced
  • Times New Roman font
  • 12 font
  • 1″ margin all the way around
  • References: You may need to use references from your methods section. You do not need references for the results section. Remember your references must be from scholarly and/or primary sources.