systemic review should not be used.

For this assignment, you will locate a minimum of four research articles related to the topic and PICOT questions that you developed in Week 2. The articles must be published in the last five years (2014 to the present). Two articles must be quantitative, and two articles must be qualitative.

  • Articles used for one assignment cannot be used for the other assignments. (Students should find new research articles for each assignment.)
  • The selected articles should be original research articles. Review articles, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, and systemic review should not be used.
  • Mixed-methods studies should not be used.

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Complete a Rapid Critical Appraisal Checklist chart for each research article (4 total).

Part II: Write a summary (2–3 pages)

  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences among the four research articles.
  • Submit the 4 completed CHECKLISTS along with your summary.

You should:

  • Use current APA Style to format your paper and to cite your sources.