Term Project Case

  1. Analyze the term case study and develop solutions to the real issues faced by the healthcare organization. A narrative response is required using proper English and APA Style for citations and references.
  2. Substantive and Timely Participation Required of each student in each Group Assignment. In each group assignment each student is required to answer all the questions and or address all of the issues with proper English, citations and references and post on the group’s discussion board. Thereafter each student is required to discuss all the group members’ individual submissions on the group discussion board. The group will vote and agree what the spokesperson is to present as the group submission.
  3. For minimum requirements, guidelines, policies and grading rubric make sure to review both the “General Group Members and Spokesperson Guidelines” and the “Term Project Case Study Analysis Report” located in the “Assignment Guidelines and Policies” link within the modules page of Canvas and in the Assignment Submission Folder.