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: As noted above, the first three comments, including all new topic threads based on the Readings and the related research on the Web are due by now. Here are some questions and comments to get you started: In the first article, we can see that the health benefits of sexual expression include physical/physiological benefits, psychological benefits, and social benefits, among others among the dimensions of health. What was surprising to you? What was not surprising? Why do Americans, as well as those in many other cultures, find it difficult to acknowledge, accept, or celebrate the many benefits of sexual expression, and instead try to suppress or limit it? What were your thoughts on the issues discussed in the online CCIES articles related to what affects people’s attitudes toward sex and various sexual practices by various populations–and how that affects people’s lives in general, as well as their attitudes and behavior overall? What do you agree or disagree with, and why? What can we do to help ourselves and society as a whole to have more fulfilling lives with respect to sex and the impact it can have on other aspects of our lives? What else do you think we need to know about sex that may not have been covered in the research reviewed in these various articles? We’ve discussed in class or read about such issues as masturbation and sexual orientation and sexuality in other countries, among others. What questions do they raise about living a healthy life? What was missing in these articles that you believe should have been included? Did anything appear in your Web search that contradicted or supported the premises or conclusions that these articles discussed?