Vascular disease is an abnormal condition of the blood vessels

Vascular disease is an abnormal condition of the blood vessels.  Vascular disease commonly occurs in areas of the body where blood flow is most turbulent, often where arterial blood flow changes direction suddenly (e.g., coronary arteries, arch branches, femoral arteries, etc.).  Coronary arteries carry blood to the heart, and can cause heart attacks when blocked.  Arch branches supply the brain with blood via carotid arteries, and when compromised, can lead to strokes.  Femoral arteries supply blood to the legs, and when compromised can be the cause of deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and gangrene.  With and aging population, an obesity epidemic, and Type II diabetes continuing to rise, some estimate that vascular disease will effect nearly half of all people in their lifetime.

For this assignment, I would like you to identify, research, and provide a summary report on a vascular disease that interests you.  Your summary report need not be extensive or lengthy, but should combine short summaries of the following: background of the condition including a summary of its effects on public health; etiology of the condition; relevant pathophysiology; signs and symptoms; current and possible future treatments; suggestions on how recognition can be incorporated into public health practice, screening, education, and prevention.  Your summary report should include cited medical and/or academic sources that support information provided.

All written submissions should reflect professionalism in grammar, spelling, writing style/format (one-inch margins, double spaced, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font), include APA 6th citations when appropriate, an appropriate title page, and be uploaded as .doc or .docx documents.