Works Cited


Minimum of 5 pages not including cover page and Works Cited.

You will be required to write a portion of an APA style research paper.Prepare the title page, introduction section, and references page for your Final Draft of the paper. The First Draft of the paper will require a title page, list of hypotheses, and a references page with potential sources/articles (writing the full introduction section/literature review for your First Draft is optional). You are not writing an entire APA paper, nor are you actually conducting the study, therefore, you will NOT include the abstract, method, results, or discussion sections in your Final Draft.

General Instructions:

1.Papers MUST be typed – Use Times New Roman font, 12 point size, double spacing with 1-inch margins at the sides, top, and bottom.

3.Papers will be graded on adherence to APA format, content, completeness, clarity, and grammar/spelling.