writing an outline for the paper and an introductory paragraph

ssignment 4 Instructions

In Module 3 you completed Assignment 3 in which you chose a topic for a scholarly paper and defended a point of view on an ethical issue, writing an outline for the paper and an introductory paragraph. By doing so, you should have created a clear, directive thesis statement, a substantive outline, an introductory paragraph, and have researched scholarly sources that support your argument or point of view.

Assignment 4 is a continuation of Assignment 3 (remember that you must receive feedback on Assignment 3 from your Open Learning Faculty Member before continuing with Assignment 4). Using your outline as your guide, begin the paper with your introductory paragraph and thesis statement, and write a 6 page scholarly paper that supports your point of view. Ensure that you cite appropriate, scholarly sources as you write your paper. You may add to or delete any of the sources that you included in Assignment 4.

Your paper should include:

  1. A title page
  2. 6 pages in the body of the paper, including an introductory paragraph and a conclusion
  3. A reference page (or two; two is fine)

Remember to follow APA formatting. You may want to review Topic 4, “Writing for Professional Practice,” in Module 3 before you begin writing. Use the resources for APA style and scholarly writing in Module 3 as you write your paper. Your School of Nursing handbook also contains information on scholarly writing.

This part of the assignment is worth 25% of your grade and produces a completed scholarly paper that defends a particular point of view on an ethical issue (an argument).